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used double scuba tanks for sale

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used double scuba tanks for sale

Quote from Wesley C. Scuba Articles. When buying a used scuba tank aka: cylinder or bottle Check out the markings on the scuba tank to determine if the most recent hydrostatic pressure test date is within the last 5 years. You are taking a risk in buying a tank that needs hydro. Ask the seller for a written guarantee to refund your money, and possibly the cost of the inspection, if the tank fails hydro.

Does the tank have air in it? If the tank does not currently have air in it It is not recommended that you buy a used scuba tank that does not currently have air. You can ask the seller to use a pressure gauge to measure the amount of air in the tank If aluminum, is the tank older than ? Beforesome manufactures mainly Luxfer and Walter Kiddy If steel, does the tank have a spray-in liner or coating on the inside?

This coating can conceal defects, and over time the coating itself can deteriorate. The tank can be tumbled to remove the liner, but after tumbling the tank will require maintenance more often which increases the cost. Here are some tips on inspecting a used scuba tank: - Look for external signs of damage.

If it has any dents, deep scratches or rust, then it is unlikely to pass inspection. If applicable, remove the boot on the bottom of the tank and inspect for damage. They are made of brass covered with chrome which is a soft metal, so any impact will be easily noticeable.

A dropped cylinder is unlikely to pass inspection. Steel Scuba Cylinders. I buy used tanks all the time, at fractions of what they cost new. Most will be out of Hydro so factor a test into your overall cost. I have yet to have a single one fail hydro, and have only failed one on visual for damaged neck threads.Welcome to.

AirTan ksForSale. Call us, or visit our sister companies ExpertHPA. We tuned a stock. These also resulted in lower fill pressures and hence total shot count increased 2. The shot improvement can be seem in our test result s:. Click to enlarge graph of Stock. Aeon Scopes Air Arms. Alpha Filter. Benjamin Marauder. Black Ops.

Daystate Diana. Eun Jin. FX Airguns Gamo. Hawke Scopes. Sam Yang. Stoeger Arms.

Used Industrial Tanks and Kettles for Mixing and Storage

Tech Force. Weihrauch Zbroia. And more! Alpha-Carette Compressors. Click here for more information on Dive Compressors. Confused on all the different PCP terms? The tank on top in the picture is our U. This is the largest tank made anywhere in the world for PCP Airgun use.

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We do have some larger tanks for Aerospace, and other uses, but they are crazy expensive and not for use with PCP Pre-Charged Pneumatic airguns. In the middle is our U. See detailed information further below. On the bottom is the Back-Packable U. Now you can very easily carry on your belt or backpack a complete Air Tank and Hose Assembly. Also available in smaller Minnow size.

We also sell tanks and valves separately. Click here for Valves ; Click here for Tanks. More Detailed Tank Information is below. Need a special fitting for that air tank? How about a hose with custom length or fitting?Order by:. Available to:. Pressure Buoyancy full lbs 1. Valve Harrison Teflon-coated plug threads for superior lubrication. Means you never have to apply grease. A smooth operating. All-Teflon seat for exceptional durability Precision threading for a clean and tight seal.

High air-flow capacity Specially designed burst disk assembly that evenly distributes escaping air. Preventing your tank from spinning or tipping it the burst-disc vents.

Shipping: We will ship as soon as possible Monday thru Friday except holidays. We are NOT responsible for the item after we ship we cannot control the shipping companies as far as the days they close for holidays or weekend. We will do our best to get items shipped out as fast as possible. International shipping: Buyer is responsible for all customs and taxes on items. If you pick the Flat rate or First class option there will not be any tracking number available.

used double scuba tanks for sale

See our combined shipping to save on shipping cost! Froo www. Paintball 1. Acecare Fireman 6. Acecare PCP Airgun 1. Analox O2 Eii oxygen analyzer for nitrox scuba diving. Acecare 2. Shooting 2. PCP Rifle 6. PCP Hunting 2. PCP Shooting 6. Air Rifle 2. PCP Game 2. PCP Air Rifle 6.

Shooting Rifle 6. Seac Single Tanks. The new Bio-Tank Lock can secure a diving tank in seconds with little effort and up to ten times more tightening torque than any conventional tank lock on the market today. Be sure to add me to your! Secure dive tanks without drilling holes. Refill, and maintain Ball joint fitting surrounded by rubber bumper to help absorb external impacts Minimizes risk of decompression sickness Reduced level of fatigue from dehydration Lower incidence of post dive headaches Easier pressure equalization Increased bottom time No more cottonmouth Shipping: We will ship as soon as possible Monday thru Friday except holidays.Federal Equipment Company offers used industrial mixing and storage tanks that hold liquids with multiple styles of tops, lids and covers:.

These used storage and mixing tanks can be either atmospheric internal or pressure rated internal.

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If the tank is pressure rated they are sometimes called receivers, pressure receivers or vacuum receiver. A kettle, is a jacketed tank that can also have agitation and sometimes have internal pressure and internal vacuum.

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Tanks can be oriented vertically or horizontally. Additionally, sometimes a tank can be jacketed and not considered a kettle depending upon the how the tank is set up for use. Receivers can be jacketed as well.

Material of construction for used mixing tanks, used storage tanks and receivers, and used kettles:. Check our category Reactors for vessels with higher pressure ratings. Or Check our Fermenter and Bioreactor category for vessels for biopharma reactors and fermenters for other processes. Browse our selection below or request a quote for more information regarding our Used Industrial Tanks and Kettles for Mixing and Storage. Federal Equipment Company uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

We have updated our Privacy Policy and Terms. Material of construction for used mixing tanks, used storage tanks and receivers, and used kettles: Aluminum Tanks Carbon Steel Tanks Fiberglass and Plastic Tanks Glass-Lined Tanks Alloys including Monel, Iconel, Hastelloy, Titanium and other special alloys Stainless steel Check our category Reactors for vessels with higher pressure ratings.There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time.

SCUBA diving and snorkelling are great skills to learn, whether youre planning on exploring a hidden reef on holiday or just want to try something new.

Used Double Scuba Tanks for sale compared from eBay, Craigslist, Amazon,...

Of course, its important to bear in mind that going underwater with breathing apparatus carries its own risks and therefore having the right equipment is key. Youll find a wide selection of SCUBA and snorkelling cylinders and tanks on offer for all of your diving needs.

The tank the diver chooses largely depends on their needs and how they plan to complete the dive safely. For example, a larger tank might be more appropriate for a longer dive in open water, while a short training dive in a pool may require a much smaller tank. As with all aspects of choosing the right diving equipment, it largely depends on the diver and what their needs are as to whether a steel or aluminium tank is preferable. When choosing a tank, there are also maintenance factors to consider.

Aluminium is a softer metal and not as resistant to damage such as denting compared to steel. Steel is susceptible to rust and if steel tanks are not properly cared for this can become an issue.

Therefore, steel tanks need maintenance to protect against rusting. You can also find secondary, or supplementary tanks on offer.

Luxfer Aluminum 80 Scuba Tank with Valve

These cylinders are usually smaller and can be used as a backup or reserve and could be used in an emergency situation. For example, if there was a problem with the first tank, or you ran out of air, then a supplementary tank would allow you to get to the surface safely. Skip to main content. Shop by Featured Refinements. Shop by Brand. Best selling. See all - Best selling.

All Auction Buy it now. Sort: Best Match. Best Match. Gallery view. Free postage. Only 1 left. Acecare PCP Airgun 1. Results pagination - page 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Highest-rated products. See all - Highest-rated products.

Hot this week. Sponsored listings. Got one to sell? You may also like. Make an offer.Selling two scuba tanks. Last test done on the tanks was Feb I am looking for a scrap steel scuba tank. Happy to collect from any area Used scuba equipment. Selling as not being used. On the down side, the BCD requires a tank connector misplacedand the Co2 cartridge is due for replacement, it still has full charge.

Note: The add is listed elsewhere. Can assist with delivery if reasonable. The bolts, nuts and washers included with these bands are also all made of stainless steel. Bands good for manifold doubles or independent twin setups. These fit common mm 7 inch cylinders such as Faber steel 9 litre, Serviced Januaryyoke fitting, Farber steel, comes full and ready to dive.

Great steel scuba tank for sale. All serviced and full with air. Located in Collaroy. Various Scuba Diving clips 1x Double ender it is brand new.

Check my other ads for various other dive gear for sale. Foam holder for scuba diving cylinders. In good, used condition. Please text or email, no calls. Explore underwater for up to 10 minutes. Want to go again? Refill using our portable high-pressure hand pump or refill at any scuba shop Comes with: 2 x Scorkl 1x Pro, 1 x regular- 2 x Scuba tank refill adapter, - 1 x Pump, - 1 x Case. Price is firm. This is a copmlete kit and I'm looking for to sell all of it as a complete kit i.

Everything you need to get started in the dive world and more.

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