The Laseris a highly popular family of small one-design sailing dinghies using the same common hull and interchangeable rigs with different sail areas. The laser is designed to be sailed single handed although class rules permit two sailors. Bruce Kirby designed the laser in with an emphasis on simplicity and performance. The Laser is one of the most popular yacht classes in history. As ofthere are more thanboats worldwide. It is an international class with sailors in countries, and an Olympic class since A commonly cited reason for its popularity is that it is robust and simple to rig and sail, while also providing very competitive racing due to the very tight class association controls which eliminate differences in hull, sails and equipment.

The laser hull can be fitted with different interchangeable rigs with varying sail area and similar parts. This allows for a wide range of sailors to sail and compete in a range of wind conditions despite the laser's small ideal crew weight range for a given rig. Three rigs are recognised by the International Laser Association: original Laser standard with a sail area of 7. Examples include the Laser 2 and Laser Pico.

The laser's hull is made out of Glass Reinforced Plastics. The deck has a foam layer underneath for strength and buoyancy. The daggerboard is removable for storage and transport.

The dinghy is manufactured by independent companies under licence in different parts of the world, including Performance Sailcraft Australia Oceania and Performance Sailcraft Japan.

laser sailboat parts

While discussing the possibility of a car-topped dinghy a boat small enough to be carried on a roof rack of a typical car for a line of camping equipment, Bruce Kirby sketched what would be known as "the million dollar doodle". After a few sail modifications, the Laser easily won its class. The first world championship was held in in Bermuda. Entrants came from 24 countries, and first place was won by Peter Commette from the United States.

The Laser became a men's Olympic -class boat at the Summer Olympics in Atlanta, and a special Olympic edition of the boat was released that year in commemoration. A version with a smaller sail, the Laser Radial see belowwas first sailed as a women's Olympic-class boat at the Summer Olympics. Arguably the greatest champion of the Laser Class is Robert Scheidt nickname "El Demolidor" from Brazil; he won the world championship eight times and won two gold and one silver Olympic medals.

The Laser is manufactured by different companies in different regions. Inthe Laser's status as an Olympic class was reviewed, and retained on the condition that the class complied with the Olympic equipment manufacturers OEM policy, allowing any suitably qualified manufacturer to supply boats and class equipment on a Fair, Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory FRAND basis.

The move would potentially see a significant increase in the number of Laser producers.

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The Class association operates on four levels: the world level; a regional level based around continents; a district level based around states in the USA and Australia, and nations elsewhere, and at a local fleet level. The association plays a major role in ensuring conformity to laser class rules worldwide. As a one-design class of sailboat, all Lasers are built to the same specifications specified in the Laser Construction Manual.

The association carries our inspections on manufacturers to ensure that boats are being made to the correct design. These factory specifications are the measurement of boats in a traditional sense.

Sailors are prohibited from making any changes to the hull, sail and spars unless specifically and positively permitted by the rules and are only allowed to use original parts. At regattas, boats not measured, but rather inspected to enusre conformity with the rules.

The laser hull is 4. The hull weight is The various sizes of Laser are all cat-rigged ; in they have only a main sail and no head sail. The Laser Standard sail has a sail area of 7.The originalhighest qualitysharpest lookingbest fitting We upgrade all of our Optimists and Laser boats at no extra charge! Find out more JavaScript seem to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Gold Standard in Single-handed sailing: ILCA sailing is an investment in skills that will last you a lifetime, skills that apply to any boat you choose to sail.

It is is a community of sailors from all around the world who truly love to sail. It's no secret that many of the world's top sailors perfected their skills in the Laser. Olympic medalists, America's Cup helmsmen and Collegiate All-Americans all sailed the ultimate one-design. The International Laser Class Association was built on the philosophy that the sailor wins the race, not the boat. Every boat in the world is identical. Class Rules guarantee that it is the sailor, not the equipment, that makes the difference.

Items 1 to 12 of total Page: 1 2 3 4 5. Laser Traveler Clam Cle WR2 Laser Traveler. Laser Carbon Fiber Top Laser Bow Mount. Mobius Composites Unive Clay Allen Kit Complete. Mobius Composites Laser ILCA 4 Dinghy. About Colie Covers The originalhighest qualitysharpest lookingbest fitting We carry top brands like April 30 Spring Series April 15 Spring Series April 9 Spring Series April 2 Spring Series December 27 Sailor Spotlig December 21 Sailor Spotlig Copyright Colie Sailmakers.The Laser is arguably the most popular sailing dinghy out there - you won't go to many dinghy sailing clubs in the World and not see a Laser sitting in the boat park.

Popular across the World the Laser comes in three different formats, 4. These three formats with different sail areas mean the boat is used at the Olympics for both men and women. Since Sailing Chandlery have been an authorised Laser Performance dealer and we can supply you with all of your class legal Laser spare parts from sails through to shackles. We also stock Laser spare parts for all types of boat in the Laser sailing family.

It's important to note that we always try to show accurate stock levels. Products can always be sourced quickly so why not give us a call on and we will provide a timeframe for you. Sailing Watches Sailing Watches. Marine Tapes Marine Tapes. Misc Traveller Systems and Parts Rigging. Dry Bags Holdalls and Dry Bags.

Trailers and Trolleys Trailers and Trolleys. Size 16mm 25mm 29mm. Laser 1 Parts and Spares The Laser is arguably the most popular sailing dinghy out there - you won't go to many dinghy sailing clubs in the World and not see a Laser sitting in the boat park.

Add to Cart. The mast plug is made from plastic. Laser Blue Fairlead Quick View translation missing: en.

laser sailboat parts

Laser Blue Fairlead Sold Out. This mast plug is used for the base of the top mast section on the Laser 1. Laser Bailer Bung Quick View translation missing: en.Buy, sell, or trade your Laser class sailboat with a free ad on Lasertrader. Register for a free account, login to your account, and then place a free ad.

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Skip to main content. All for sale All wanted Search by region All sold About. Been stored handing in garage since. Used and performed well at top international events! Buy two Lasers for less than the price of a new one.

For sale are two Laser dinghies. Both boats were built by Vanguard in and The boats were used until and then stored in a garage until now and are in very good condition.

Asking obo comes with everything including dolly, cover, blade bag, and new sail. Brand New Laser Radial Sail. Ready to race. Lots of pix available on request.

Like new. Includes Polar Fleece Undergarment. Purchased new in Used three times. Laser 4. Looking for a 4. Good enough for racing. This sailing is still in racing condition. Shipping Not Included Location: Miami.

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The boat is in great shape; sailed in the Olympic Trails, then not sailed from but kept covered in garage. Sailed approx.

Life Jackets, Buoyancy Aids, & Inflatable PFDs

Used Rudder. Used Laser Rudder Good condition. Vanguard Laser Great Shape. Comes with two sets of blades, one almost new other well used.

Also comes with spars and sails. Upgraded racing rigging and lines. Tonnes of Laser Goodies, Parts, Gloves, etc. Click through all the pix, see what you'd like and then message me a fair offer. Type your desYou can roll your sail up for storage with no creases and store it in this nylon bag. Measures " X 12" when flat. Light grey and light blue.Looking for parts for your sailboat? West Coast Sailing offers a full range of sailboat hardware, blocks, cleats, shackles, dollies and trailers, accessories, and more.

We've got you covered. These parts are not necessarily specific to any one model of sailboat, but rather are general fittings that often work on a variety of boats for a variety of applications. Whether you need a new winch or traveler track on your keelboat, a new set of blocks for a mainsheet system on your dinghy, shackles and pins for hardware connections, or popular accessories such as wind indicators, tell tails, or mast floats, we've got you covered!

laser sailboat parts

Accessories - Popular sailing accessories including wind indicators, sail numbers, inspection ports, drain plugs, mast floats, tell tails, and repair items. Looking for one design or boat-specific parts? Check out our One Design Parts page.


We're open. We're here for you. We appreciate your support. General Parts. Sail Numbers. On Sale! Choose Options.

Laser (dinghy)

SHOP NOW Accessories - Popular sailing accessories including wind indicators, sail numbers, inspection ports, drain plugs, mast floats, tell tails, and repair items.RC Laser Accessories. How To. Texas Regattas. Sailboats for sale. Sailboat Photo Gallery. Scam Warnings. Texas Lakes. Advertise with us. Free Sailboat Ad. This remarkably well designed bag is made of heavy nylon, and has a plastic and foam stiffener sewn into the outside surface to protect the contents.

Pockets are specifically designed for the parts of the RC Laser - to include a pocket for sails so they lie flatmast, hull, rudder, keel, radio, cradle. You can carry by hand or over your shoulder. Makes boat easy to store. The ultimate accessory. Cradle Boat Stand - Simple but extremely effective. This cradle will support your RC Laser wherever you go and folds in a jiffy to pack in your carrying case or over your arm.

Laser 2 Parts & Accessories

Made of stainless steel, this is as easy and effective as it gets. Consider the chair version of the Soft Stand. When the boat is sailing, you can sit in a comfortable chair. At sq. This sail comes with its own specially designed mast 14" taller which facilitates quick changing.

The sail allows the boat to balance and sail very well in winds over 22 knots. Made of the same remarkable material as the standard sail, it can be substituted in just a minute. Optional Package Discounts Boat in a Bag Package: The complete RC Laser with radios and servos ready to sail with a "B" standard sail, good in winds from 8 - 18 mphone of the new carrying bags with everything packed in it, radio transmitter lanyard ready to hit the water, a sail number kit.

The Works Package: The complete boat, the new style bag, transmitter lanyard, recharge kit with nickel-metal hydride batteries, sail number kit, mast top wind vane, Stainless steel cradle, "A" sail good for winds from 1 - 8 mph, includes another mast and goose neck"B" sail and rig standardand a "C" rig good for winds from 18 - 25 mph There's nothing else to get except a hat with this package!

Accessories Wind Vane - We already have leech flow tails that come standard on RC Laser sails, but there is something special about a mast head wind vane.Through its international connections with major ISAF classes such as the Finn and the sailing fraternity worldwide, NB is able to offer its customers the widest choice of sailing support available.

Buying a Laser is just the first step. If you are thinking of running a Laser event or a Laser program at your club talk to us! Its not justs domestic Sailing either. NB's International connections can make sailing happen for you all over the world.

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So if you want to race abroad, give us a call - we can point you in the right direction. In the lead up to the Olympic Games we have helped many international competitors. By virtue of this, NB has formed deep connections with a number of International Federations - again this an asset that may be of use to our aspiring Olympians!

Designed back in the early 's by Bruce Kirby, the laser is the most popular sailing dinghy on the planet, and this year will see the ,th laser rolled out. The Laser is popular throughout Australia. The laser can be sailed off the beach with the family right through to competing at the Olympics, making it a challenge to Sailors of any level of ability.

The laser has the option of 3 different rigs, making it accessible to people of all shapes and sizes. Sign In E-Mail:. Subscribe Special Offers. New Products. Gmail list. New Boats. Hull Fittings. Covers, Dollies, Trailers. Overseas Specials.

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