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free model railway backdrops

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Free downloadable backdrop availability? Posted: Thu May 24th, pm. MelbourneAustralia. Hi there, I downloaded some time ago some backdrops that I thought were interesting There was a set of four that I think interlinked to each other Can we compile a small list of free downloadable backdrops or suitableas distinct from buildings please that can be currently downloaded.

I was looking to build a backdrop for the club I am in based on stickers or printout in the broad perhaps using elements from these pictures to create our own unique versions? This could also build into a good resource for us all Regards and TIA Trevor. Back To Top. Brossard Member Joined:. BrossardQuebec Canada. This sounds interesting Trevor. We could do with something better than Townscenes or, gasp!

Scalescenes do have a free photographic sky backdrop available - all I did was email John Wiffen and he sent the files.

There's a blue sky and grey sky. I'm not going to attach them since I'm not sure of the copyright rule on this. Campaman Full Member Joined:. Market HarboroughUnited Kingdom. I have just created some back scenes around 1. Robert Deceased Member Joined:.Do you need a backdrop for your layout? Almost everyone who has a shelf type layout or a wall-hugging around-the-room type layout will need some kind of background to enhance their scenery and to create the proper environment in which to show and operate their trains.

Even if you have a small freestanding, tabletop layout, you may wish to have a barrier, or flat 2-sided divider, running down the middle of the layout in order to create the effect of trains moving long distances from one locale to a completely different area with different scenery on one side of the layout vs.

The making of a simple backdrop is not as daunting as it might seem, although it may take a little time and effort to do it right. For wall-hugging layouts, one of the first things to consider is whether you want to hide the corners of the room somehow. I think the best way to do this is to attach thin hardboard to the wall above your layout to the ceiling and extending all around the layout. These hardboard sheets are thin and flexible enough that they can be curved around the inside of the room corners to make nice rounded areas on the back of your layout where the corners were before.

Once you have attached your hardboard to the walls behind your layout, use drywall tape and spackling compound to cover the seams. This can be done very simply without requiring any artistic talent. First, open 2 cans of paint — white and sky blue. Starting at the top, use a roller to paint the top half of a section of the layout with pure blue. As you get to the middle layer of the "sky", while the blue paint is still wet, use your brush to begin blending in a little white color horizontally.

free model railway backdrops

As you move down the backdrop, blend in greater amounts of white, but not pure white. You want a little streakiness of the white mixed in with blue so that it looks like wisps of low lying clouds in the distance. Continue doing each section of the backdrop in the same way all around the layout till you are done. This is probably all you really need to do to give the impression of a sky and horizon.

As an example, see the page describing how the backdrop was painted for my Blue Ridge and Southern layout.

free model railway backdrops

You may want to try this a few times on a piece of cardboard first till you get the hang of it. Reference photos may be helpful also — using a picture of the type of clouds you wish to paint. The idea is to just create an impression of a realistic horizon. You want the eyes of the viewer on your trains, not your clouds. Now if you wish to go further, you can use flat muted colors of gray-green or gray-blue to paint the tops of mountains around the bottom of the horizon.

Remember that the light on these mountains is coming from the sun on one side of the mountains, not both sides, so try to put the lighter color along the edges of the mountains getting the light and blend it into the darker color on the side of the mountains away from the light.

Once again, you may want to experiment with this on a piece of cardboard before you put it on your backdrop.

If you do have some artistic talent, you can always go further and paint grass fields, flowers or trees or even structures and people in the foreground and more detailed forests or cityscapes in the back.

Again, reference photos are often helpful. Printed model railroad backdrops. If painting mountains, etc. To get around this problem, before gluing these scenes onto your previously painted blue and white background, I would suggest using a sharp hobby knife to cut the skies out of these printed scenes. Your own painted sky will be more congruous and will look much better.

Just be sure to glue the edges of the paper to your backdrop well enough so that it appears seamless as much as possible.Artists advise you to erect or paint the backdrop before building the benchwork and laying the track. I'm not smart enough to do that.

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I can't visualize the scene well enough, so like most model railroaders the scenery backdrop comes afterwards. The main problem in installing the backdrop first is not getting paint and glue all over the backdrop when you build the foreground scenery later.

The problem with installing the scenery backdrop after scenery is in place is being able to reach the area without destroying work you've already done. If your layout is freestanding or is a module, you can sometimes put it together at your workbench and then install it.

You need to establish the point where the scenery meets the sky. This is your horizon and affects the vanishing point. This is easier said than done in practice because we are all a different height and the benchwork height varies. For example, I am over 6 feet tall and my lower benchwork is at 38" and the upper is nominally at 48".

Therefore I am looking down at scenes on the lower level and upper scenes are more at eye level. My rule of thumb is do whatever looks and feels right for you. If you have others who come over to play with the trains they may or may not see the scene in the same way. Give consideration to the lighting you will use. Can you orient the lights to shine in the same direction?

This is more important if you are using commercial background scenes like "Realistic Backgrounds" or if you are using cut-outs or photocopies from magazines. If you are painting your scenery backdrop you can plan ahead. This is another form of "selective compression".

I have seen excellent results where a modeler has used an N scale or Z scale building or railroad car in the background of a scene. John Allen was one of the first to use this trick on his famous Gorre and Daphetid "gory and defeated" model railway. He used it for a town high up in the background. You can also create the perspective effect directly on the painted backdrop as is evident in this picture from Richard Chrysler's HO scale layout.

Note the way the road and telephone poles lead towards the horizon vanishing point. You can buy commercial backgrounds as I have often done on my Utopia Northern RR layouts over the years. A "Realistic Backgrounds" commercial background forms the basis for this backdrop.

Model Train Layouts

Photographing commercial backdrops can be tricky because the colors don't alway show well due to the dot pattern from the printing process. The backdrop looks far better up close. Note that I have cut out the sky that comes with the commercial background and mounted the industry scene on black foamboard.

This gives it a 3D relief effect.Free 4mm OO downloadable backscenes - Chesham, Bucks. Backscenes - every layout needs one, and so will Hall Royd. So below are 17 thumbnails linked to A4-size PDFs which you can download for free, and then print out for use on your layout.

Backdrops for model Railroad - Detailed guide DIY

Or you can download the 4. Tips Print the PDFs out on matt photo paper - this provides a superior output and is worth the small extra cost over A4 paper. Secondly common inkjet inks are susceptible to Ultra Violet light, so before mounting the sheets protect them. I use lacquer purchased from my local car spares shop, and then a matt varnish from the local art shop.

When you print the sheets out, they will have a white border. Cut these off using a steel rule and sharp blade - cutting with scissors won't allow the sheets to be butted together accurately.

Finally, mount on a suitable card or plywood. I use the Spraymount products for this, although be careful not to get any glue on the front of the sheet. You are free to use these backscenes for personal use: all I ask is that should you make reference to these in forums, magazine articles, blogs or tell people about them, please provide a link to www. Thank you. To download the PDF, click on the thumbnail. And don't forget to save the file on your harddrive once it has downloaded.

The Metropolitan Line station of London Transport is in the left middle distance, behind taller buildings so not directly visible. And if you think you know Chesham, what prominent object has been Photoshopped out of the immediate foreground? The Model Rail article also contains a link to a free JPG file of a rural scene which is available for download. Change log.

Upper and Lower Quadrant 2mm signal transfers!

Backdrop Junction

Each set of six PDFs will form a 4 foot run, so the total length is just over 11 feet. Pages and The Model Rail article also contains a link to a free JPG file of a rural scene which is available for download. A: The Cemetery Chapel of Rest.To view backdrops individually please select categories at the right. Why do we distribute RailroadBackdrops.

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Quite simply they are the industries best backdrops as far as photography, scene design and durability. A few things you may want to know about our RailroadBackdrops. The "Peel And Stick" versions has a very strong sign grade adhesive on the back and can be difficult to install if you do not have any prior experience installing things like window tint or vinyl graphics.

We hope to soon have a video available installing our backdrops, but it is recommended you install backdrops BEFORE you do your scenery or structures in that area. If you do not select a skyscape the "01 Default Blue Sky Continuous" will be used. If you need a custom size or custom "blending" of multiple backdrops you want to use in sequence please call us directly at and we will be happy to discuss any custom work with you. Any one backdrop in the set can also be used as a single if you don't need a longer backdrop.

Lastly, if you have any questions about any backdrop or naming sequence please contact us by phone or email. Send us your email and we'll send you new product announcements and specials from our companies including:.

Web View Mobile View. Backdrop Gallery Slide Show. Send us your email and we'll send you new product announcements and specials from our companies including: AffordableModelRailroads. Recommend this page on:.O gauge trains — lionel trains for sale, Other visitors were searching for lionel trains for sale, o gauge trains for sale, ogaugetrains, lionel trains, lionel train parts, lionel trains o gauge, o gauge.

Railroad model buildings - background building plans, Model railroad background buildings are quick and easy to construct. Trackside scenery - featuring model railroad backdrops, Welcome to our website. Railroad Model Buildings - Home Page. Model Railroad Backdrops Free model railroad n scale vehicles. Train Layout Backgrounds Plans model railways layouts.

And sure this Free background scenery for ho trains post useful for you even if you are a beginner in this field.

Post a Comment. Pages Home. Ho trains and kits - there's fun for everyone! Ho scale model railroad scenery train sets only, Shop for: ho scene enhancements, ho scale signs and signals, ho scale street lights, ho tunnels, portals, walls, and culverts, woodland scenics ho scale kits, ho.

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